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TOP FIVE reasons why you should buy a transportable home.

Having worked in the building industry for many years and now being in the transportable home business, I have a well-rounded knowledge of the differences between on-site and off-site building methods. Both have their merits depending on your situation. But for versatility, affordability, and efficiency I believe you can’t go wrong when you buy a transportable home.

As managing director of Exeter Homes based in Rotorua New Zealand, I enjoy the fact that I can walk out of my office door into the yard and inspect each and every home that is being built – at every stage. I don’t have to travel from place to place to get hands-on, and I’m right here for my team should they need me.

I’ve come across many different stories from our clients. People from all walks of life who are looking for an affordable option for their new home; be it a rental home, farmhouse, or to create co-housing at their existing property. From this, I have listed the top five reasons why I feel a transportable home is an ideal choice for your quality new home.

Transportable homes are a cost-effective option for new home buyers who save money in the following ways:

  1. Less travel: contractors come to one location and don’t have to travel between jobs.
  2. Lower build cost: due to constructing homes in one place, transportable companies are able to build at a significantly lower price when compared to site-built homes.
  3. Quality without sacrifice: because transportable homes are designed to be… well… transported, they are built stronger than site-built homes. The fixings and attachments are made of high-grade material to withstand irregular movement and harsh weather.
  4. Faster build time: when you buy a transportable home, it takes less time to build as the building team can work on your home without interruption and supplies are delivered to one site in bulk.
  5. Steep slope? No problem: with traditional home builds you would need to add engineered fill to a site or cut away the hillside on the land you purchased for your new home. But with Exeter Homes’ varied designs and kiwi ingenuity, we can install your home high up on piles without a whole lot of earthworks.

Learn more about the more technical aspects of buying a quality transportable home from Exeter Homes.

Buy a transportable home from Exeter Homes based in Rotorua, New Zealand.

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