Transportable homes a top choice for property investors

The Bright-Line test extension and interest deductibility has made investing in a new transportable Exeter Home an even brighter choice. 

April saw the Labour Government rush though legislation to dampen property speculation demand while giving first home buyers a leg-up, essentially extending the Bright-Line test from five to 10 years.

In effect, profit made on any investment property sold within a decade of buying it, may be income-taxed. They also took away the ability to claim against mortgage interest as a deduction on rental properties.

Like every rule however, there are exceptions, and here at Exeter we are proud to be leading the way as one of those exceptions. 

New builds don’t count.  And that’s what we do, really well. 

This legislation has given property investors and developers, alongside first home buyers, encouragement to spend on new builds rather than existing housing. 

It’s only right to now be rethinking your investment property strategies, in light of the change.  Let us help action those thoughts. 

Transportable homes in New Zealand have become a top choice for those diversifying their approach to rental property and property investment. 

Alternative living solutions, like what we build and supply, were gaining momentum before the law changed and have gained even more in popularity since for some solid bottom-line reasoning.  That is:  

  • Our transportable homes are classed as new builds
  • New transportable homes we build are exempt from the extension of the Bright-Line Test, which means if you do sell after five years, gains made on installing a transportable home will not be taxed;  
  • Mortgage interest payments are still classed as a deductible expense for brand new transportable homes
  • Exeter homes are built tough and to high standards, not only to stand the test of time and endure harsh weather conditions, but transportation as well; 
  • Clients benefit from lower build costs compared to on-site projects, and faster completion times due to simplification of logistics – our homes get built from scratch and entirely at our Rotorua yard.  Doing this too ensures each stage is completed to the best of each contractor’s ability, and signed off by senior management, who always have a watchful eye on progress. 

Additionally, transportable homes trump affordability as a small house option.

Exeter transportable homes get expertly delivered completed and paid for, and foundations can be designed to suit sites to keep potentially costly earthworks to a minimum.  

In choosing an Exeter Home, whether for business or pleasure, you can’t go wrong.  The new laws indicate so too. 

I confidently claim the worth of your investment, or base-line investment yields will be maximised through efficiency and accuracy applied by Exeter, in all stages of production and installation. 

In many cases, new transportable homes in New Zealand have become a far more comfortable, healthy way of living than hundreds of renters or homeowners experience currently, costing a fraction of what outfitting an existing property can. 

Furthermore, I’m sure in many situations it would be better to cut your losses in an existing property in order to invest in a new home build or new development. 

Improvement of national Healthy Home standards has seen the assurance of quality in our industry, and as managing director, I can proudly boast how each of our new home builds easily meet, and can surpass requirements. That is, heating, both ceiling and underfloor insulation, ventilation, drainage, and draught-proofing. 

Registered Master Builders

Registered Master Builders, Exeter Homes designs are proven. 

We provide a range of pre-designed plans but there is room to move into custom designs to suit you, your family, or your investment needs. 

It’s time for you to do the equations, and to factor in which Exeter example of excellent housing best fits your new property investment strategy to get you in, and all over the game. 

Get in touch with us today, to get your plans underway.